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Monterey Bay Pacific Coast Network

Update : August 2010

The Monterey Bay
Pacific Coast Network

By GW Williams

.....The Monterey Bay Pacific Coast Network is a tourist Information guide to Monterey California,the City of Monterey, Monterey County and the Monterey Bay Peninsula with Carmel, Pacific Grove,Pebble Beach and Marina.

.... Discover historic Monterey and explore California's magnificent central pacific coast. Visit places like The City of Monterey and Old Fishermans Wharf, and the Monterey Aquaruim, Monterey's Cannery Row with it's many exciting tourist shops and fine restaurants. Monterey is known world wide for it's Old Harbor,Cannery Row and Fishermans Wharf and the Monterey Aquarium and the many Monterey gift shops, stores,candy stores,restaurants and whale tours out on the pier.

....Monterey County, and the bay area, has many top tourist spots located from the city of Monterey and Seaside to Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach and the famous 17 Mile Drive and Carmel by the Sea. Monterey & Carmel has so much to offer tourist with Cottage like Shops,Seafood Restaurants, Luxury Hotels, Motels plus Monterey's Visitor Information Centers, Jazz and Blues concerts,business conventions and ect...Also learn to Kayak or go Surfing,or maybe golf's your game ?

....Visitors love the Monterey Aquarium and The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary with Sea life,Sea Otters,Sea Lions,Pelicans,Whales and Dolphins...You can also visit the famous Monterey Bay Kelp Forest from a tour boat on the bay or see it growing underwater at the Monterey Aquarium. Also travel down Pebble beach and the famous 17 Mile Drive with it's beautiful pacific Ocean scenic views and waves crashing against the rocky shoreline.... And see the lovely flower gardens of Millionaire Mansions of the rich and famous!! Also Long the 17 Mile Drive, visitors can view championship golf coarses and dine at - "The Lodge",located at - 1700, 17 Mile Drive !!

....Every where from Monterey, Carmel, Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove, Big Sur there's always something great taking place for everyone to enjoy. ..

...Tourist can find world famous shopping everywhere from - Montereys Old Fishermans Wharf, Cannery Row of old Monterey to Shops at Carmel By The Sea... on Ocean Avenue and the joining side streets. Or maybe you like to stay at Carmels beauitful bed and breakfast at the Lincoln Green Inn built in Carmel in 1925 with it's beautiful enchanted Cottages and English country flower gardens.

The Monterey Jazz Festival

.....In Monterey Every September is the worlds longest running Jazz Festival, it's now going on 53 years in 2010.
The Monterey Jazz Festival is a huge stellar event with a reputation for world class musicians and artist and is not to be missed !!

Monterey Tourist Shops

....Monterey is known for it's great candy shops,on the Old harbor of Fishermans Wharf and Cannery Row....there's tons of candy,popcorn,slat water taffy and hand made chocolates of all kinds. Tourist visit these stores and so do the local people of the Monterey City and the people Monterey Bay area. You can find all kinds of baked goods from cakes to pies ,cookies, snacks of every kind. Many of these shops are also Monterey souvenir and gift shops, with clothes,shirts with Monterey pictures on them , jackets , all kinds of sea items and gifts you can't find anywhere else in the world.

.....Beautiful Pebble Beach Homes

.....Beautiful Homes like the one pictured below, are only a few blocks away from the beautiful and scenic world famous 17 mile drive in Pebble Beach, many homes like this 3,500 square foot house rents out to professional golfers. This is only one of the many homes that are rented out on weekends and for vacations year round !!
From time to time I may list a few of these homes here on this site.

If you're Interested in renting this Pebble Beach
Home then please call this number - 1-559-225-6502

This home is one of the many going to be rented
during the US OPEN Golf Championships in 2010. So reserve this beautiful home for your golf vacation needs !!

The Monterey Aquarium

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is located not far from Old Fishermans Warf on the west side of Montereys famous Cannery Row.
The Monterey Aquaruim offers visitors over 200 exhibits and galleries to explore.
You'll find everything from the Aequorea Victoria which is a Flourescent Jellyfish to White Sharks,Sea Horses, String Rays,large Tuna fish and Zebra Shark.
Also check out the Monterey Aquaruim kelp forest and coral reef in the huge massive glass tanks.

Monterey's Best Tourist Treasures
....The Monterey Peninsula and the Monterey Bay area has many great lodging accommodations and is ideal for tourist and travelers visiting with the many top attractions and events taking place daily between Monterey Bay and Carmel by the Sea. There's never a lack of trying to find something to do in the Beautiful Monterey Bay Community.
There are many places to visit and sights to see in Monterey County, from Monterey city to Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, Seaside, Carmel and Carmel Valley to Marina and Marina State Beaches with hang gliding and surfing or visit Pacific Groves Lovers Point, Moss Landing,Sand City or the grand sites of Big Sur.You can also travel inland to Salinas California.
Anywhere in these Cities you'll find many great places to dine and seaside restaurants, luxury hotels, motels and places for tourist to stay.

.... Monterey's Fisherman's Wharf and Cannery Row made famous by compelling author and writer John a must see for all tourist and in Carrery Row is the world class Monterey Aquaruim built from an old converted sardine canning business.
Tourist may also find wine tasting in the lovely hillside vineyards of Monterey County.
And if site seeing is you thing try visiting the famous city of Carmel by The Sea or journey down Pebble Beaches 17 Mile Drive.

....Monterey Bay area and Monterey County and Carmel Valley all offer so much to do, that not even the most out going local social people living in Monterey can even see it all in the many years they live here !!

....Each weekend there are many top events and main attractions, like Monterey Bay Restaurant Week, or The Monterey Jazz Festival, or how about the 2010 US Open Golf Championships or The Pebble Beach Concord D'Elagance Car Classic.

....The Monterey Bay Peninsula has a rich history and offers a variety of world class vacation spots to visit with unique shops and galleries, parks, beaches and beautiful sea shores.
You'll also find lovely Carmel Valley and the magnificent beauty of Big Sur!!

....With Carmel By The Sea and Monterey's great accommodations , you can even find many great bed and breakfast places that serve great food & wine and located by nearby top attractions and Coastal activities with great places for site seeing, shopping for the women, golf for the men, fun for the whole family pulse whale watching in the bay and fine dining and music in romantic sea side restaurants for travelers looking for something to do with Monterey's night life.
Monterey is also hosts conventions, meetings and is a great place for business men and women to work and relax afterwards.

Monterey Bay Pacific Coast Lifestyles Network - is created and written by, LaVern Williams, pictures taken by LaVern Williams. Copyrights 2009 by Williams Publishing.
If you wish to contact me about advertising please email LaVern Williams at - Williams Publishing at

If you wish to use my Monterey Pictures, please contact me first for permission...thanks


Monterey County Hotels & Motels

...Are you planning a vacation to the Monterey Bay, Pacific Grove, Sea Side,Pebble Beach or Carmel by the Sea ? Are you looking to find the best lodging accommodations during your stay here? Monterey County has many great Hotels and Motels, and it's best to plan ahead and reserve your rooms now. Always plan your trip ahead of time. Below is a list of the best hotels and Motels I have seen. Also I am in no way affiliates with these Monterey Hotel and Motel Businesses, but I know Monterey,Carmel,Pebble Beach and 17 Mile Drive very well. And these are the places I recommend for your best trip to the California Central Pacific Coast in the Monterey Bay Area !!

Candle Bay Inn - 2118 N Fremont Monterey,CA 03940 - 831 649-4740

Clarion Hotel Monterey - 1046 Munras Avenue Monterey, CA 93940 (831) 373-1337

Comfort Inn Marina - 140 Reservation Rd Marina, CA, 93933 (831) 883-4000

Discovery Inn - 1106 Fremont Blvd. Seaside, CA 93955 (831)394-3113

Hilton Garden Inn - 1000 Aguajito Road Monterey, Ca 93940 (831) 373-6141

Monterey Bay Inn - 242 Cannery Row Monterey, CA 93940 (831) 373-6242

Monterey Hotel - 406 Alvarado Street Monterey, CA 93940 (800) 966-6490

Monterey Oceanside Inn - 2030 Del Monte Avenue Monterey, Ca 93940 (831) 375-4451

Monterey Peninsula Inns - 1100 Lighthouse Ave. Pacific Grove, CA 93950 (800) 525-3373

Monterey Surf Inn - 1200 Munras Avenue Monterey, CA 93940 (831) 372-5821

Carmel By The Sea Hotels & Motels

Adobe Inn - Dolores and 8th , Carmel CA 93933 1-800-388-3933

Carmel's - Best Western Townhouse Lodge - San Carlos St & 5th Ave, Carmel ,CA 93921 - 831-624-1261

Carmel Mission Inn - 3665 Rio Rd Carmel,CA 93923 - 1-800-348-9090

Pine Inn - located on Ocean Avenue in Carmel CA 93921 - 1-800-228-3851

Wayside Inn - 7th & Mission St - in Carmel 93921 - 1-800-433-4732

Seaside Hotels

Discovery Inn - 1106 Fremont Blvd. Seaside, CA 93955 (831)394-3113

Pacific Grove Hotels

Lighthouse Lodge - 1150 & 1249 Lighthouse Ave. Pacific Grove, CA 939450 1-800-858-1249

Sea Breeze Inn & Cottages -1100 Lighthouse Ave. Pacific Grove, CA 93950 (800) 525-3373


Monterey Best Business Guide


...For More Info On Monterey's Best Business Shops, Restaurants, Monterey Hotels, Stores,Monterey Tours, Monterey Boating, Monterey Gas Stations, Montereys Best Vacation Spots..... For More Monterey Business info Please use our ---> Monterey Best Business Guide

Also in this Monterey Business Directory will be listings for Carmel, Pacific Grove,Marina, Pebble Beach, and Seaside.

On This Site: - Lots More Great Monterey Tourist Info !!

....Monterey offers visiting tourist a great a place to vacation with year around fun in the sun, sandy beaches and the beautiful waves of the coastal surf. Come visit the maginifcent scenic beauty of Monterey and Monterey's Peninsula, with it's 17 mile drive or stop by Cannery Row and see the world famous tourist shops and The Monterey Aquaruim, Fisherman's Wharf, Take a Whale Tour or see The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Follow Our - Monterey Online Weekly and...Learn Fun facts About Monterey Like - Spanish Explorers first found Monterey California in the early 1540's. And did you know Monterey was California's first Capital City ? Today Monterey is a Central California coastal community, located 110 miles south of San Francisco. Monterey City and Monterey Bay offers a rich historic past to visiting tourist and Travelers from around the world . Visiting tourist experience the magnificent scenic beauty of Monterey's Ocean resources and Monterey's resources for events,parks,historic parks,shops,tours,businesses,restaurants,hotels,Marine life and much more.
....The City of Monterey California is home to Fisherman's Wharf, The Monterey Aquarium, The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary,Monterey Art Galleries,Monterey tourist shops and Monterey's Cannery Row made famous by the John Steinbeck's novel Cannery Row. Monterey offers many cultural resources for visitors to enjoy and museums, parks,recreational places to visit such as the Monterey Peninsula's beautiful and magnificent 17 mile drive and near by Carmel's famous Mission and shops.... Every Tuesday on Monterey's Alvarado Street is The Monterey Farmer's Market, where you can find, fresh fruit,vegetables,homemade handcrafts,pre cooked meals,music performers and it's not to be missed.
Tourist from around the world join in with the fun at the downtown Farmers Market.
Year around Monterey is known for many great events, such as the Monterey Jazz Festival, the Monterey Blues Festival also
Tourist and locals always find something to do in Monterey with it's many scheduled events through out the year.
And just a few miles south of Monterey is Big Sur and the site of the Big Sur Marathon each year for those of you runners out there !!

Please Bookmark:
The Monterey Bay Pacific Coast Network for More Information and Monterey Updates here on my , Monterey Online Internet Interactive Website for the best Information on Monterey City,Monterey Bay and Monterey Tourist and Travel Plans !!

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Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Monterey Bay Aquarium

.....The Monterey Bay Aquarium offers over 200 of the worlds best exhibits and underwater galleries, with tons of great fun for the whole family. Year round school children take field trips to this great aquaruim it's both a place of learning and fun. Originally designed in 1977 and finished being built 10 years later, the Monterey Aquarium is without doubt one of the biggest tourist attractions in California and maybe the whole USA.

....Here's the Link to the Monterey Aquarium in Monterey California located at 886 Cannery Row,Monterey ,CA 93940....the phone numbers is 1'(831)-648-4800.

....The Monterey Aquaruim offers many great programs, such as the - Behind the Scenes Tour, which last 50 minutes and allows tourist to interact with the Monterey staff. Anyone from ages 6 to Adult can experience and discover about the secrets of marine sea life.

...AThe Monterey Aquarium has many unique youth programs, such as sleep overs, where students 6 to 14 can sleep overnight and veiw the aquaruim exhibits after hours.

The Aquaruim also has family sleep overs where anyone 6 to Adult can sleep over night and explore the aquarium late at night and wake up to breakfast in the morning restaurant at the aquarium.

.....The Monterey Aquarium also offers, fun games and activities and information about scuba diving and diving gear. There are also teenager programs, web sams and videos, Science and Career information on how to become a marine biologist and much more !!
So call the Monterey Aquarium, get tickets now and experience the best of the marine life programs offered in California for tourist of all ages !!

More Monterey Bay Aquarium Info

....The Monterey Bay Aquariums Kelp Forest feed program is awesome. You can watch divers hand feed sharks and many different varieties of fish,eels and animals.

....Also if you head over to Monterey Bays Fishermans Wharf you take one of the Monterey Bay tours in a Glass Bottom Boat and view the Kelp Forest in the bay area, many times I have seen the orange colored jellyfish and dolphins in the bay area from one of these boats which for only $10.00 a person you can go out on the Monterey Bay for a Great little 25 Minutes tour. The Flat Bottom Boat I took was called ,"The Little Mermaid" and holds about 20 people I think.....every time I go to Fisherman's Wharf ..which is about once a month I take the Tour on the Glass Bottom boat and relax, I think anyone would love this !!
Also you can view thousands Sea-lions and Sea Otters and sometimes whales, and some very large Pelicans.

....Any ways getting back to our main subject at the Monterey Aquarium, I found that there so much to do and learn there that it's wise to plan on visiting the aquarium for at least 3 or 4 hours. They also have a nice lunch room, where I had a sandwich,a soda and some pudding.

....If you're planning to visit us here in Monterey then you must see this world famous aquarium, and you can also view and listen to live video and audio of the divers feeding the fish,sharks and ect at this link....

Kelp Forest Web Cam Monterey Bay Aquarium

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

Monterey Bay National Marine Sancturary

....Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, is 6100 square miles of Federally protected marine ecosystems and protects many different sea Fish, Whales,Sealions, Seals,Otters or Mammals, Plants, Seabirds in this Central California Coastal environment. The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, is involved in research to help protect a near 275 mile shoreline and educate people about this national ocean wildlife sanctuary.

....The Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary, is so highly protected that even researchers must apply for permits first. Permits must be issued to place ocean monitoring devices and cameras on the sea floor, even if it's only to film or to even study for research reasons. Researchers must be issued a permit also to collect ocean sediments, small rocks and plant life of any kind even if it's just to study them. Also permits must be issued for any type of Construction, Seawall maintenance, Ocean Planned Events of any kind !!
....If you need a permit you may apply with the Superintendent of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary. Anyone not authorized with a permit can be fined a civil penalty up to a shocking $145,000.00 for each violation.
It's far better to check and find out if you need a permit and be issued a permit first.
Even airplanes flying low, below 1000 feet by Federal Regulations, over The Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary without a permit can be fined.
This Sanctuary was designed to protect marine life, mammals, seabirds from humans disturbing there national wildlife home. Only valid permits issued allow authorized activity in this protected area in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Help us protect our wildlife, so we may enjoy our national treasures for many years to come !!

....The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, does a great deal of work protecting our national treasures here in Monterey County. And they are to be thanked for the great job they do in saving our Central California Coastal Ocean habitats !!

.....To contact for the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary for a permit or for more information you'll find the address and phone numbers below.

_____________ Thanks LaVern Williams

Permit Coordinator
299 Foam Street
Monterey, CA 93940
Phone: 831-647-4201 Fax: 831-647-4250

Monterey History,Monterey Info,Monterey Bay Climate

Note: I walked out on some rocks taking pictures of a calm sea , Then SUDDENLY !! my shocking surprise 3 huge Monster Waves came towering over at me...each wave bigger than the next....I knew this would make for a great shot....but would I live If held my ground and took the shot ?.... Well I did, and seconds later a Tremendous SWOOOOOOSH..... what power of the mighty sea. I took this on the famous 17 Mile Drive !!

Monterey Bay History and Info

The city of Monterey is at an elevation of only 25 feet above Sea Level, in fact much of Monterey is right at Sea Level ,like at Fisherman's Wharf .the Aquarium and parts of Cannery Row and the coastal marine parks.

Monterey Climate

The City of Monterey's climate is regulated by it's location to the Pacific Ocean.
The high temperature average year round between a high of 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and with lows year round between 42 and 53 degrees Fahrenheit at night.
Average rainfall each year in Monterey is 19.80 inches a year.
Most of Monterey's rainfall comes in the months of November - December, January and February.
Yet even in the winter time Monterey's average temperature stays within 10 degrees of it's summer averages,this making Monterey a great place to visit and vacation year around.

Monterey And The San Andreas Fault

Monterey's local soil is Quaternary Alluvuim and the city can be effected by earth quakes and the San Andreas Fault which lies 26 miles to the east of Monterey.
Monterey's earth quake seismic risk zone on the Central California Coast is moderate to moderate high.
Monterey Bay has also been measured for tsumami's which can hit at 100 year Intervals, but the largest predicted wave would only be 9 to 10 feet high.

Monterey City is also located right on the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, whish is a Federally protected ocean area of 6100 square miles and covers 275 miles of coastal shoreline and off shore waters.
The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary protects endangered sea life such as,California's sea otter,birds and seabirds,whales, sealions, and mammals, the brown pelican.

Monterey History

Monterey has a rich history, first established in 1770 by Father Junipero Serra.
Monterey was once the capital of California from 1777 to 1849.
The original church in or mission named the, Royal Presidio Chapel, ....was built in Carmel in 1771 but was destroyed by fire in 1789.
It was rebuilt by the sandstone building still present today in Carmel.
In 1840 the chapel was rededicated in the name of Saint Charles Borromeo, this church building is currentlt the oldest stone building in California and the oldest parish. It is also the smallest cathedral in the USA.

On July 1846 during the American-Mexican War, and during the Battle of Monterey Commodore John D Sloat of the United States Navy,raised the US flag and claimed Monterey and California for the United States.

Monterey Bays National Trust Historic Site built by Walter Colton in 1849 was a once an original US public school house and meeting place for local government. Today it's a Monterey Museum, while building next to it serve as the seat local government.

For many years Monterey was known for it's huge fishing industry, then in the 1950's the Monterey fishing industry and local fishermen's business collapsed because of lack of fish caused by over fishing the California Central Coast and Monterey Bay area.
Since then Monterey has established itself as one of the leading tourist attractions in the world along with Carmel By The Sea, The Famous Pebble Beach and 17 mile drive and Marina Beach,Pacific Grove ,Seaside and ect.
Much of old Monterey Bay area of Fisherman's Wharf and Cannery Row was turned into the hottest tourist attractions,gift shops, whale watching,boating,top restaurants and many great hotels and motels for visitor lodging with top accommodations.
Monterey also has a rich history of great painter's, photographers ,writere like John Steinbeck.
Steinbeck who grew up in Salinas also lived in near by Pacific Grove and Monterey both.
His novels he wrote such as - Cannery Row, East Of Eden , Tortilla Flat help make Monterey Famous world Wide.
Also in 1879 the famous Robert Lewis Stevenson spent time writing the - Old Pacific and Vendetta Of The West while he stayed at a French Styled Hotel in Monterey.That famous hotel is known today as the Stevenson House at 530 Houston Street.And showcases items that once were owned by Robert Lewis Stevenson himself.

Monterey Jazz Festival

The Monterey Jazz Festival first began in 1958,at the Monterey fairgrounds and is the longest running Jazz Festival in the world.
Over the years great artist have performed such as Billie Holiday,Louie Armstrong, Dave Brubeck,Herbie Handcock, Grover Washington Jr., Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis and many more great Jazz artist over the 52 years.

For More Information On Monterey Bay and Sites To See...Please go to my home page !!

Monterey Searches Online

Monterey Bay Online Resources

Are you looking for the Top Monterey Bay Keywords. Here's a list of the Internets most popular search keywords for your online searches . This is a great way of keeping track of Monterey's most popular events. The keywords are below..........

Monterey, Monterey Bay, Monterey Bay Aquarium,Monterey California,Monterey Hotels ,CSU Monterey Bay , Monterey Boats , Monterey Herald , Monterey Bay Aquarium Discount Tickets , Monterey Restaurants , Monterey 189 Edge ,Monterey County ,Monterey Park ,Presidio Of Monterey ,Monterey Bay Inn ,Monterey Jazz Festival ,Coupons for Monterey Bay Aquarium ,Monterey Pop Festival ,Monterey Bay Aquarium Tickets ,Monterey Bay Clothing ,Monterey and Clint Eastwood ,Monterey Peninsula College ,Remodeling in Monterey California ,Monterey Airport ,Monterey Attractions
Monterey Remodeling Contractor ,Monterey Whale Tour ,Monterey dinning ,Monterey County Fair ,California State University Monterey Bay ,Monterey Music ,Monterey Bay Cottages


Monterey Bay Info - Top Monterey Links

Directory of Monterey's Most Popular Links

City of Monterey Information for Visitors

Monterey Bay Aquarium, California

Monterey Bay Pacific Coast Lifestyles Network

Old Fisherman's Wharf on Monterey Harbor in Monterey, California

53rd Annual Monterey Jazz Festival presented by Verizon - September 17 - 19, 2010

Cannery Row Official guide for lodging, dining and shopping Monterey, California

2010 US Open Championship - Pebble Beach - Official Tourism Information

Monterey, CA Official Tourism Information - Monterey County, Big Sur, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Pacific Grove

Carmel-by-the-Sea Welcomes you !

To Learn More Exciting News- About Up coming Events in Monterey and - Carmel By The Sea,Pacific Grove,Marina Beach,Seaside, Big Sur and much more, try the - COASTAL TELEVISION NETWORK - as I say,"It's an awesome way to Learn about Monterey Bay" !! Channel 27 and Channel 31 in The Central Valley and Fresno area's.
You can also watch it by live streaming video online !!

I love The Coastal Television Network and watch it at least 2 hours everyday, it's so peaceful and relaxing and I can learn about the great many events taking place in Monterey,Carmel,Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove. And what better way to relax after a long day than to watch and learn about magnificent Monterey Bay !!


What's You're Favorite Snack When You Drive To The Monterey Bay Area?

Are You Heading To Monterey Soon ?...Do You Have a Favorite Traveling Snack or Snacks? If you do, well please let us know what you love to snak on while you drive.

....My favorite Snack is - Snackers Crackers...and Gatorade while what's yours?


My Cat On The Road Again !!

.....Below is one little Travelers Idea of a Great way to hit the road and snack at the same time !! Hey...Wait a Minute !! That's my cat Tinkerbell on her - Frisky's Cat Food Dream Car !!

If you want to know more about which snacks go great on a this link here !!....Fun Foods To Eat Driving To Monterey

Monterey Bay Real Estate

Monterey Bay Real Estate

Hi, I decided to give Monterey Real Estate Buyers a Look at different Real Estate Agents and Properties for sale. I am not an agent but I realize people come to Monterey Bay to Visit and many times want to look at homes.

If I have time I will list a few real estate companies, I also am not affiliated with any of these, but as trying to provide up todate info on Monterey Bay and surrounding area's I can't help but think a few links to real estate pages was in order !!

Monterey & Carmel Homes & Commercial Buisness Real Estate Listings -

To Post a Listing Here - Please email me at

This Page Coming Soon !!

Monterey Restaurants

Monterey Restaurants

For Monterey County - Carmel - Pacific Grove - & Pebble Beach Dinnning

....Where are the best places to dine on the Monterey Peninsula and around Monterey County ?

....Are you looking for fine Monterey food or fine Monterey Seafood cuisine? There are many great places to dine and some of Monterey's best restaurants are also located not just in Monterey's metropolitan area but also Monterey countys best tourist stops.

....There's a great many restaurants in Monterey County and in Carmel, Cramel Valley and Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach. And with so many styles of cooking to try each week, I never get tired of trying new foods and fun exotic dishes. It's my goal to bring you the best places to eat that will tickle your taste buds and have you jumping for joy !! All I can say is I love Monterey and all it has to offer from tourism to fine dinning and romantic restaurants.

....It's no secret that Monterey County is has so many top gourmets chefs...anyone searching for great new places to dine with top gourmet food could spend years just researching and tasting the best that Monterey Bay area has to offer !!

....In Monterey you can fine romantic dinning by candle light,or family dinning the whole family enjoys. There so many different cultures and styles of food and seafood on menu's around town.
So far in Monterey I have seen everything from, American food to,Continental foods,British food,Italian,Japanese,Mediterranean,Mexican,Chinese and Thai and the list goes on.
If you're hungry Monterey chefs are cooking up a storm.
Who could go hungry in a city that even has a coastal TV Show with many of Monterey's cooks cooking and creating new dishes to eat every day !!

Carmel's Top Restaurants

Giovanni - 55 Lincoln - Carmel

Grazing's Coastal Cuisine - Corner of N.W. Sixth and Mission ave - Carmel CA

Little Napoli - Dolores & 7th - Carmel

Lucy's - Dolores & 7th Ave - Carmel CA

Marinus - In Carmel Valley - 415 W Carmel Valley Rd

The Barnyard - 3670 The Barnyard - Carmel CA

The Covey - at Quail Lodge - 8205 Valley Greens Dr

Monterey's Top Restraurants

Abalonetti Seafood Trattoria - 57 Fisherman's Wharf, Monterey CA

Cafe Fina - 47 Fisherman's Wharf # 1, Monterey CA

Domenico's - 50 Fisherman's Wharf #1 , Monterey CA

Isabella's Italian Seafood - 60 Fisherman's Wharf # 1, Monterey CA

Mucky Duck - 479 Alvarado St, Monterey CA

Old Fisherman's Grotto - 39 Fisherman's Wharf #1 , Monterey CA

Santa Lucia Cafe - 484-A Washington St, Monterey CA

Sly McFly's Jazz & Blues Dinner House - 700 Cannery Row

Pacific Grove Restaurants

Lattitudes at Lovers Point - 631 Ocean View Blvd - in - Pacific Grove CA

Victorian Corner Restaurant - 541 Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove CA

Pebble Beach - Places To Dine

Club XIX - 17 Mile Rive Lodge at Pebble Beach CA - 1-831-625-8519

The Lodge - 1700, 17 Mile Drive, at Pebble Beach Pebble Beach Resorts - The Lodge at Pebble Beach I love the Lodge it has great food and atmosphere, breath taking view, it's the perfect place to dine.

Casa Palmero - 1518 Cypress Drive Pebble Beach CA - for reservations please call - 1-800-654-9300

Monterey Galleries

Monterey Galleries

The best of Monterey's galleries....coming soon

Monterey Pictures

Monterey Pictures Gallery

...I took these pictures with my Sony digital camera enjoy !!

By LaVern Williams

....Welcome to my Monterey Picture Gallery Online !!

I have tons of photo's for you to look at !! So so grab a seat, and use your computer as a view finder to my special world of the magnificcent Monterey Bay area and the beautiful scenic veiws of the Sea and Landscape of the world famous 17 Mile Drive. Plus I'll be posting pictures of Carmel by the Sea and photos of Monterey Fisherman's Wharf, At Sea Pictures from a Monterey Boating Tour, Plus Monterey's Aquarium Pics and anything that looks good on Camera !!

Below the Monterey Express was really moving fast but I still manage getting the picture...this shot was taken by me at Sea just outside Montereys Fishermans Wraf area about 1 mile.

I got a great shot of these sealions - from our boat !!

Monterey's Princes - The Whale Boast Cruise !! Here's Waves Crashing at Pebble Beach

Below Are Sealions on Monterey's Boat Ramp Monterey Bay has many Kayakers

Above - Montereys Fishersmans Warf !! Above - A sail boat a mile out at sea !!

Many of my Monterey Pictures were taken by me out in Monterey Bay from a boat.

When I get time I'll take a few more pictures......

All pictures (C) 2010 - Copyrighted by GW Williams and Williams Publishing 2010

If anyone wishes to use my pictures on your personal website, it's ok with me as long as you place a link on your site to my main front home page and credit me as the photographer...thanks...GW Williams


Monterey Tourism

Monterey Tourism

... The City of Monterey has an estimated 4 million visitors each year, and is one of the nations top places top places to visit on vacation. There are many businesses in Monterey because of Monterey's many resources from the ocean and farming communities and near by Vineyards.
And Monterey's Tourist Industry is a constant huge economic boom to Monterey Bays Income, with Luxury Hotels,Restaurants,Shopping and Places to Visit for sightseer's.

...There's so much to see and do in Monterey and a vacation here can also be combined with fun and education,learning new ways to protect marine life and the marine ecosystem and to see an learn about all the Marine Life that exist in the Monterey Bay Area.
The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is a blessing to the Marine wildlife and protects sea mammals,like Whales,Dolphins,sea otters,sea lions,seabirds and fish and protecting the Kelp Forest and even protecting rocks and the sea floor....For More Info Here's Link to the Marine Sanctuary home page -

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Home Page

... The Monterey Aquarium expanded an additional in 1996 and is one of the world greatest Aquariums.
There's something to do for everyone of any age at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
For More Info here's the Monterey Aquarium link -
Monterey Bay Aquarium, California

....The Monterey Aquarium is in Cannery Row, along with Steinbeck Plaza.
Cannery Row and Steinbeck Plaza is a great place for visitors to come and is one of Montereys main attractions with the many great shops,gift shops,restaurants and places like Ghiradelli Chocolates,and the
wax museum.

....My favorite place in Monterey to visit is , Monterey's Fisherman's Wharf.
Fisherman's Wharf is loaded with great shops,fine dinning and whale tours that all can be found on the pier.
One point I'd like to say to people planning a vacation here in Monterey is that there's 2 piers almost side by side.
One pier is for businesses and boating and the other is - The Old Fisherman's Wharf with the shops and places to visit !!
Any ways....If you find yourself on the wrong pier with no gift shops or fine dinning restaurants and no Whale tour office...Then you are on the wrong pier !!..But don;t worry about this, this has happened to people before...simply look to the west a few hundred yards and you spot - Fisherman's Wharf where the tourist and locals hang out.
There's lots of room there for parking and it doesn't cost much to park for the whole day.

If you want more info on Whale Watching -
American Cetacean Society Monterey Bay Chapter

Monterey also is known for it many Events and has a near 20,000 foot convention center a theater and fair grounds area.
The fair ground is also host to the World Famous Monterey Jazz Festival - For more info on the Monterey Bay Jazz Festival here's that link -
53rd Annual Monterey Jazz Festival presented by Verizon - September 17 - 19, 2010

Monterey Art Galleries & Other Galleries

Monterey has many different art galleries to visit -

The Monterey Peninsula Art Foundation - If you're looking to see art,photo's,creamics,jewelry and mixed media arts you find - The Monterey Peninsula Art Foundation - located at - 425 Cannery Row
phone - 1-831-655-1267

The Crystal Fox Gallery - located on historic Cannery Row at 381 Cannery Row, Monterey CA

Levin Gallerey - Russel Levin has taken thousand of photo's that have been published

17 Mile Drive

... My next favorite place is 17 Mile Drive just a few miles from Monterey and a 500 seat theater that host many events year around.
I consider myself lucky 17 Mile Drive area is were my family owns a house. So taking pictures is easy.
Maybe you'd like to visit places on the famous 17 mile drive.
First I must tell you it does cost and there's toll booths entering into this area. But it's well worth it.
here's a list below of places to see and things to do !!

1.)The Lodge - at Pebble Beach is great for dinning, with it's breathtaking views

2.)Spanish Bay - a great place for a picnic and the whole family to enjoy

3.)Cypress Point - It's lockout area with Telescopes that cost .50 and a great veiw of sea otters playing in the water and the rocks and seashore of the area

4.)The Ghost Tree -

5.)Bird Rock - a place where birds, sea otters,sea lions can be viewed daily

6.) Pescadero Point

7.)The Lone Cypress - Is One of the most famous trees in the world

8.)Pebble Beach Equestrian Center

9.)Seal Rock Picnic Park

10.) Fanshell Overlook - Where you can see seal pups, but it's closed April,May and June while the young pups are born and nursing.

Favorite Monterey Driving Snacks

Favorite Monterey Driving Snacks !!

So.......what's your favorite snack to eat while you drive to Monterey? Maybe you're from The Central Valley,Fresno area or you could be coming from Los Angeles or Maybe even Oregon or Seattle Washington, but no matter where you live, you must have your favorite snacks to munch on while you drive? So what do you load up on before your trip to Monterey? If you have any suggestion, then please make a post and I'll see if I can take a picture and post that product here.

Any ways here's a few of my favortite driving snacks...

1.) Snackers Crackers by Sunny Select

2.)Lays Patato Chips

3.) Gatorade to Drink - Taste great cold or even warm !!

4.)Pepsi - Ice Cold is Great On a Hot Day Driving

5.)Mc Donalds - Double Cheese Burgers

6.)Candy Corn - for extra engery -

7.) Trukey Sandwiches

8.) Casa De Fruita - Stopping for Pie

9.) Peanut Butter Cookies

10.) Home Made Peanut Butter Cookies

So What Are Your Favorite Driving Snacks?

....Here's a picture of one driver love eating while on the road ....

....Oh.....wait a minute that's my cat Tickerbell, taking a ride on her Frisky Dream Car !!

Seriously if you have any snacks please let us know !!

(C) Copyrights 2009 Williams Publishing

Pictures by Lavern Williams

Please note - We are not affiliated with any companies you see above !!

Monterey Best Business Guide

Monterey Business

Are you looking to find a business in Monterey?

The Best Business Guide constantly having businesses added, so please bookmark us.

If you can't find your business, please email me at

Listings are free, Picture Listing ads cost only $19.95 a month. Picture ad listings must be the size of the Balloon picture you see to the right --->

Monterey County Hotels & Motels

Candle Bay Inn - 2118 N Fremont Monterey,CA 03940 - 831 649-4740

Clarion Hotel Monterey - 1046 Munras Avenue Monterey, CA 93940 (831) 373-1337

Comfort Inn Marina - 140 Reservation Rd Marina, CA, 93933 (831) 883-4000

Discovery Inn - 1106 Fremont Blvd. Seaside, CA 93955 (831)394-3113

Hilton Garden Inn - 1000 Aguajito Road Monterey, Ca 93940 (831) 373-6141

Monterey Bay Inn - 242 Cannery Row Monterey, CA 93940 (831) 373-6242

Monterey Hotel - 406 Alvarado Street Monterey, CA 93940 (800) 966-6490

Monterey Oceanside Inn - 2030 Del Monte Avenue Monterey, Ca 93940 (831) 375-4451

Monterey Peninsula Inns - 1100 Lighthouse Ave. Pacific Grove, CA 93950 (800) 525-3373

Monterey Surf Inn - 1200 Munras Avenue Monterey, CA 93940 (831) 372-5821

Carmel By The Sea Hotels & Motels

Adobe Inn - Dolores and 8th , Carmel CA 93933 1-800-388-3933

Carmel's - Best Western Townhouse Lodge - San Carlos St & 5th Ave, Carmel ,CA 93921 - 831-624-1261

Carmel Mission Inn - 3665 Rio Rd Carmel,CA 93923 - 1-800-348-9090

Pine Inn - located on Ocean Avenue in Carmel CA 93921 - 1-800-228-3851

Wayside Inn - 7th & Mission St - in Carmel 93921 - 1-800-433-4732

Seaside Hotels

Discovery Inn - 1106 Fremont Blvd. Seaside, CA 93955 (831)394-3113

Pacific Grove Hotels

Lighthouse Lodge - 1150 & 1249 Lighthouse Ave. Pacific Grove, CA 939450 1-800-858-1249

Sea Breeze Inn & Cottages -1100 Lighthouse Ave. Pacific Grove, CA 93950 (800) 525-3373

Monterey Restaurants
For Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, Seaside

Carmel's Restaurants

Giovanni - 55 Lincoln - CarmelGrazing's Coastal Cuisine - Corner of N.W. Sixth and Mission ave - Carmel CA

Little Napoli - Dolores & 7th - CarmelLucy's - Dolores & 7th Ave - Carmel CA

Marinus - In Carmel Valley - 415 W Carmel Valley RdThe Barnyard - 3670 The Barnyard - Carmel CA

The Covey - at Quail Lodge - 8205 Valley Greens Dr
Monterey's Top RestraurantsAbalonetti Seafood Trattoria - 57 Fisherman's Wharf, Monterey CA

Cafe Fina - 47 Fisherman's Wharf # 1, Monterey CA

Domenico's - 50 Fisherman's Wharf #1 , Monterey CA

Isabella's Italian Seafood - 60 Fisherman's Wharf # 1, Monterey CA

Mucky Duck - 479 Alvarado St, Monterey CA

Old Fisherman's Grotto - 39 Fisherman's Wharf #1 , Monterey CA

Santa Lucia Cafe - 484-A Washington St, Monterey CA

Sly McFly's Jazz & Blues Dinner House - 700 Cannery Row

Pacific Grove Restaurants

Lattitudes at Lovers Point - 631 Ocean View Blvd - in - Pacific Grove CA

Victorian Corner Restaurant - 541 Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove CA

Pebble Beach

Club XIX - 17 Mile Rive Lodge at Pebble Beach CA - 1-831-625-8519

The Lodge - 1700, 17 Mile Drive, at Pebble Beach Pebble Beach Resorts - The Lodge at Pebble Beach

Casa Palmero - 1518 Cypress Drive Pebble Beach CA - for reservations please call - 1-800-654-9300

My $312,000,000.00 Million Dollar Monterey Website !!

$312 Million Dollars & Counting..Up ..Up..Up !!

...Hi Everyone, I'm LaVern Williams

....To my shock I found out this blog was worth over $312 Million Dollars with near 500,000 backlinks aimed at it and over 140,000 visitors each day
....Is The Monterey Bay Pacific Coast Network Worth $312,857,143.17 ?
People are excited at what I have created, and it's estimated that this very blogsite you're on right now is worth over $312 Million Dollars.

....First off I must say I can't hardly believe it !! There has got to be a huge mistake !! ( Ok... Update as of Nov 9,2009 - My website is still worth over $312 Million Dollars....I am not kidding....But no way is it worth this I am sure there's some computer software messing up at either Alexa or Cubestat !! we sit and wait !! )

Anyways to my surprise and shock, I have many excited people congratulating me on my fast rise to success on the Internet.

Over the years it is true, that I have created some top ranked websites ranked on many of the front pages of google in music and for jazz,rock and blues guitar.
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My opinion is there must be a mistake somewhere, but till then, thousands of people every hour are flooding into this site !!


Monterey Bay - The Place I Love !!

....I truly love the city of Monterey with it's Fisherman's Wharf, The Monterey Aquarium,Cannery Row with it's many Tourist shops, restaurants, Luxury Hotels and scenic ocean views.

....I also wanted to help educate people world wide and here in California about our Pacific Ocean ecosystem - and what is being done in the over 6000 square mile area of ...The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.
I think it's very important to help support the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary and I also want to help build even farther the tourist Industry which already attracts over 4 Million Visitors to our great city each year !!

....The real truth is - I love The Monterey Bay Peninsula and Monterey's Fisherman's Wharf area.
I regularly go out on whale boat tours, as much as I can, and even if I don't have time for a 3 hour whale boat tour, I still take a smaller 25 minute tour of Monterey Bay in the Little Mermaid for only $10 Bucks and what a great deal !! I highly recommend taking the tour on the Little Mermaid which is a Glass Bottom boat that seats about 20 to 25 people I 'm guessing....

Any ways from the Little Mermaid glass bottom boat, you can view all kinds sea and marine life from dolphins to tons of sea otters and sea lions sun bathing on rocks by the thousands, it's a real treat to see. Also when on the glass bottom boat you can view the world famous Monterey Bay Kelp Forest through the glass bottom windows below. On my last trip out on the glass bottom boat we saw thousands of orange jellyfish swimming in the bay , it was AWESOME !!
Also visitors can see many large pelicans and seabirds of all kinds and other marine wildlife.

...Please note: Even though I have been on the boat tours many times over the years, I love to see young kids get excited for the first time viewing real ocean marine life close up in our own Monterey Bay !!......It wonderful to watch children come alive and explore the ocean for the first time as ocean sea spray from waves are slightly cresting over the bow of the boat and they get their first taste of salt water....and yes friends.... getting a little wet is part of the adventure !!
I ask you is there anything better?

In just the past 3 months I have been on these your boats 4 times !!
There's just something special that happens when you're at sea, you feel alive, and life is worth living !! Your heart is full of adventure and it never grows old.
There's always something new to see and enjoy !!
And it's great to share the ocean with someone you love !!

My Other Goals For This Blogsite Are...

....My other goals with this blog site is to bring visitors closer to our Monterey Bay Sea Of Enchantment !!....and also take visitors online across the Monterey Peninsula, Carmel,Pebble Beach and the 17 Mile Drive, Pacific Grove, Seaside and Marina Beach area.

....I guess through my love for Monterey Bay and Monterey Peninsula many people have come to know my blogsite !!

....So is my site worth $312 Million Dollars.....geeeee I don't know.
I will post a screen shot taken from Cubestat below that ranks websites and values them.
My feeling is people are Interested In Monterey, and I myself love the beauty and magnificent scenic Pacific Ocean. My father N Law has a house in Pebble Beach right by the Famous 17 Mile Drive, so I get great ocean pictures which I will post here online soon.
This site was created for my love of Monterey Bay !!
And I wish to share it with the world !!
So tour my site and enjoy !!

....Anyways below is a Screenshot of my Cubestat Calculator's shocking !! To view the Picture full size to read easy, just click your mouse on the picture and it will enlarge !!

Monterey City - Monterey California - Monterey Visiitors Info -Monterey Hotels - Monterey Restaurants - Monterey Aquarium - Monterey Web Site Info !!

Monterey Information Resources for - Monterey Bay - Monterey City - Monterey California - Monterey County - Monterey Peninsula - Monterey Hotels - Monterey Restaurants - Monterey Historical Places - Monterey Pictures - Monterey Vacations - Monterey Events - Monterey Jazz - Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary - Monterey Shops - Monterey's Fisherman's Wharf - Monterey's Cannery Row - Monterey Tourist Info - and Carmel by The Sea, Pacific Grove, Seaside, and Monterey Fun, Surf and Sailing !!.....

Welcome everyone...If you're planning a trip to visit the City of Monterey California - Then as a tourist it's important to plan and map out your Monterey vacation using online Monterey resources found here on the many pages of My Monterey Blog or Monterey web site.

....First lets create a list of Monterey vacation idea's to plan before you take your vacation. Doing this will help save you money and work within your vacation planning budget !!

Below is a huge list of Idea's for your Monterey Vacation Planning

....The City of Monterey Hotels & Motels - Before your vacation to Monterey why not Search Online for the City of Monterey's Best Accommodations- and Lodging.

......Try and plan your stay in Monterey with good vacation budget planning !!
Try searching Online for Top MontereyInterent resources and find the best Monterey Hotels for your vacation budget plans - and make reservations before leaving home. Monterey can become very crowded in peak summer months and even in the spring and fall months. Be sure you have some place to stay and plan accordingly !!

.....So what is in your Vacation Buget to Monterey ?..Are you looking to stay in one of Monterey's Luxury Hotels ? Or maybe your looking for the Best Monterey Hotel Deals !! Other Monterey Hotel Idea's to consider are - Monterey Family Vacation Hotels - Monterey Hotel Vacation Packages - Monterey Bed and Breakfast Locations - Monterey Motels - Best Monterey Motel Deals - Monterey Peninsula Lodging locations - Carmel Ca Hotels- Carmel Hotel Deals - Carmel Vacation Packages - - Big Sur Hotels, Big Sur Hotel Vacation Packages - Pacific Grove Hotels - Pebble Lodging - Or maybe you plan on camping in one of our parks which some visitors do in tents, trailers and RV's!!

....AnAny ways....Some Monterey Hotels have hot deals and I have even seen coupons online offering 25% off hotel rooms which you can print off on your printer, but most of these deals come not during the peak summer months !! So Check your online Monterey Hotel resources on the web before you make your reservations !!
For Much more information on Monterey City and Monterey County Hotels please check here on my - Monterey Bay Pacific Coast Network archive's for Monterey Hotels and Motels....we have them listed !!

.....Monterey County Restaurant Idea's - When visiting restaurants you need to decide where to eat when visiting places in many different Monterey Bay tourist area's, the best way to eat at all the best places is to go site seeing and visit near by Monterey restaurants and ect.....Here's a few idea's - Monterey city restaurants downtown - Monterey Bay restaurants - Fisherman's Wharf restaurants - Monterey Bay Aquarium restaurant - Monterey's Cannery Row restaurants - Monterey's down town district restaurants - Monterey Bay Urban restaurants - Pacific Grove restaurants - Lovers Point restaurants - City of Carmel restaurants - Pebble Beach restaurants - Monterey Seafood and Jazz Music restaurants, City of Seaside restaurants - Monterey cultural restaurants - Monterey Bay Sea Food restaurants - Pebble Beach World Class Golf County Club restaurants such as the Lodge on 17 Mile Drive " - Top Monterey historical restaurants. If you still want my veiws on the best restaurants - here's a list on my Monterey-Carmel-Pacific Grove Best Restaurant the blue link -Monterey's Top LaVern Williams

Monterey Bay Locations For - Top Vacation Spots

I will list in order some of the most popular sites to see and places to visit

1.)Fisherman's Wharf - Fisherman's Wharf Offers tourist many great Monterey Seafood restaurants, Tons of great Monterey tourist shops, candy shops,gift stores, 3 hour whale boat tours, boating, deep sea fishing,and view the sea lions, sea otters,pelicans, jellyfish from Fisherman's Wharf world famous pier !!

2.)The Monterey Bay Aquarium - The City of Monterey is proud to have one of the world largest aquariums, tourist and visitors can spend hours in the aquarium, it's great for the whole vacationing family,full of fun,educational learning for the young and old a like !!

3.) Cannery Row - Made famous by John Steinbeck's novel titled ...Cannery Row.
Monterey City is famous for it's historic Cannery Row offers tourist many great restaurants here in the city of Monterey. There's almost and endless amount of Monterey tourist shops,gift shops,places to snack and get drinks. Also the Monterey Aquarium is located in Cannery Row making Cannery Row a great place to visit. Also Cannery Row comes alive at night, with live jazz or music to dine by at a romantic candle light dinner !!

4.) The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary - Is close to a 6000 square mile protected area for marine life and to protect the ocean floor and the Monterey Bay Kelp Forest which protects, mammals,sea lions,sea otters,dolphins,whales,fish,sea birds,pelicans and much more. Check to get tours in the area ahead of time.Only with permits can you take a boat or scuba dive in this area.....otherwise there is huge fine !! So find out this info ahead of time !!

5.)Monterey Peninsula's 17 Mile Drive - International fame of Monterey Peninsula's magnificent scenic beauty and of the worlds most perfect coastline on 17 Mile Drive located in Pebble Beach near Carmel CA can't not be missed by anyone on vacation here. It does cost $10 at the gate to 17 mile drive, yet this is the place you'll find the world's most beautiful scenic views of the pacific ocean and Monterey County's Coastline.No where in the world does the Sea meet with the Sky with such spectacular beauty combined with the trees,the wildlife and the forest. For decades many of the world's greatest photographers have taken pictures of the Monterey Peninsula's because of it's stunning world class beauty. When driving along 17 mile drive you may get a chance to see wildlife , such as deer that even roam on the Pebble Beach Golf courses.Or the sealions and sea otters from Cypress Point !!
And if you get time stop by the Pebble Beach Lodge for a bit to's the most beautiful setting to dine over looking the world class pebble beach golf course and the breathtaking beauty of the sea !! You don't have to be a member to eat at the Lodge, but check the prices before you go if your on a budget. All I can say is I love the food and everything the Lodge offers.

6.) Monterey Art Galleries and Museums - Check online for address before you go, you'll find many art galleries in old historic Monterey,next to Old Fisherman's Wharf and Cannery Row. There's also great museums with tons of Monterey historical information.

7.)Monterey Offers Tourist A Rich History - Monterey first was discovered by Spanish Explorers who came here in 1542. Monterey was officially a city in the 1770's and Monterey was the first Site of California's Capital ran by Spain and Mexico until The Mexican-American war.when the war ended , The United States claimed Monterey,In the battle of Monterey and Monterey became California's first Capital in 1849.

As you can see Monterey has a rich cultural history and much Monterey historical resources offer tourist visiting Monterey to find many points of Interest the come from all directions in Monterey City and Monterey County in California. Monterey was also the site of the first mission, founded by Father Junipero Serra in the 1770's.

8.)Visitors coming to Monterey - as Tourist need to get a Map of Monterey, a Map of The Monterey Peninsula, a Map of Carmel By The Sea and of 17 Mile Drive.
I find the large state maps just will not show you all the roads and places to go.Go online and order a map for Monterey City and Monterey County maps and be sure you have maps of Carmel and Monterey peninsula's 17 mile drive. Also if you're coming to visit Monterey , it's only a few miles south the Big Sur, so get your Big Sur Maps also.

9.) The Monterey Climate - is about the same all year round. The weather is awesome,please note: it does rain more in the winter months but it's amazing that the temperature remains between 55 degress and 65 degrees most of the time during the day.

10.) What More Does Monterey Bay Offer Tourist?...well a Lot More !!'s a list sperated by commas only of more great idea's to do in Monterey - kayaking ,boating,surfing,scuba diving,sea otters,sea lions,pelicans,kayaking,art galleries,yachts,wineries, historical sites,parks,waterfront trails,historic Monterey gardens, seaside bike paths,jogging trails,sailing,hang gliding,para sailing,visit the military institute,jazz festival ,music,blues festival,entertainment,business conventions,events,sports,convention center events,movies,Monterey theater,Monterey Playhouse,Pacific Repertory Theatre.Or you can go to Pacific Grove and veiw the Monarch Butterflies and ect........ Any ways Monterey is a small town in America with about 35,000 people...yet we have over 4 Million Tourist each year.We love our tourist, plan your vacation today,our many businesses are here to serve you..Be our guest...welcome to Monterey and the community of Monterey and Monterey Bay California........surfs up....C ya There !!

Thanks LaVern Williams

................Copyright's 2009 Williams Publishing - Articles and Pictures by LaVern Williams