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Monterey Bay Pacific Coast Network

Update : August 2010

The Monterey Bay
Pacific Coast Network

By GW Williams

.....The Monterey Bay Pacific Coast Network is a tourist Information guide to Monterey California,the City of Monterey, Monterey County and the Monterey Bay Peninsula with Carmel, Pacific Grove,Pebble Beach and Marina.

.... Discover historic Monterey and explore California's magnificent central pacific coast. Visit places like The City of Monterey and Old Fishermans Wharf, and the Monterey Aquaruim, Monterey's Cannery Row with it's many exciting tourist shops and fine restaurants. Monterey is known world wide for it's Old Harbor,Cannery Row and Fishermans Wharf and the Monterey Aquarium and the many Monterey gift shops, stores,candy stores,restaurants and whale tours out on the pier.

....Monterey County, and the bay area, has many top tourist spots located from the city of Monterey and Seaside to Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach and the famous 17 Mile Drive and Carmel by the Sea. Monterey & Carmel has so much to offer tourist with Cottage like Shops,Seafood Restaurants, Luxury Hotels, Motels plus Monterey's Visitor Information Centers, Jazz and Blues concerts,business conventions and ect...Also learn to Kayak or go Surfing,or maybe golf's your game ?

....Visitors love the Monterey Aquarium and The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary with Sea life,Sea Otters,Sea Lions,Pelicans,Whales and Dolphins...You can also visit the famous Monterey Bay Kelp Forest from a tour boat on the bay or see it growing underwater at the Monterey Aquarium. Also travel down Pebble beach and the famous 17 Mile Drive with it's beautiful pacific Ocean scenic views and waves crashing against the rocky shoreline.... And see the lovely flower gardens of Millionaire Mansions of the rich and famous!! Also Long the 17 Mile Drive, visitors can view championship golf coarses and dine at - "The Lodge",located at - 1700, 17 Mile Drive !!

....Every where from Monterey, Carmel, Pebble Beach, Pacific Grove, Big Sur there's always something great taking place for everyone to enjoy. ..

...Tourist can find world famous shopping everywhere from - Montereys Old Fishermans Wharf, Cannery Row of old Monterey to Shops at Carmel By The Sea... on Ocean Avenue and the joining side streets. Or maybe you like to stay at Carmels beauitful bed and breakfast at the Lincoln Green Inn built in Carmel in 1925 with it's beautiful enchanted Cottages and English country flower gardens.

The Monterey Jazz Festival

.....In Monterey Every September is the worlds longest running Jazz Festival, it's now going on 53 years in 2010.
The Monterey Jazz Festival is a huge stellar event with a reputation for world class musicians and artist and is not to be missed !!

Monterey Tourist Shops

....Monterey is known for it's great candy shops,on the Old harbor of Fishermans Wharf and Cannery Row....there's tons of candy,popcorn,slat water taffy and hand made chocolates of all kinds. Tourist visit these stores and so do the local people of the Monterey City and the people Monterey Bay area. You can find all kinds of baked goods from cakes to pies ,cookies, snacks of every kind. Many of these shops are also Monterey souvenir and gift shops, with clothes,shirts with Monterey pictures on them , jackets , all kinds of sea items and gifts you can't find anywhere else in the world.

.....Beautiful Pebble Beach Homes

.....Beautiful Homes like the one pictured below, are only a few blocks away from the beautiful and scenic world famous 17 mile drive in Pebble Beach, many homes like this 3,500 square foot house rents out to professional golfers. This is only one of the many homes that are rented out on weekends and for vacations year round !!
From time to time I may list a few of these homes here on this site.

If you're Interested in renting this Pebble Beach
Home then please call this number - 1-559-225-6502

This home is one of the many going to be rented
during the US OPEN Golf Championships in 2010. So reserve this beautiful home for your golf vacation needs !!

The Monterey Aquarium

The Monterey Bay Aquarium is located not far from Old Fishermans Warf on the west side of Montereys famous Cannery Row.
The Monterey Aquaruim offers visitors over 200 exhibits and galleries to explore.
You'll find everything from the Aequorea Victoria which is a Flourescent Jellyfish to White Sharks,Sea Horses, String Rays,large Tuna fish and Zebra Shark.
Also check out the Monterey Aquaruim kelp forest and coral reef in the huge massive glass tanks.

Monterey's Best Tourist Treasures
....The Monterey Peninsula and the Monterey Bay area has many great lodging accommodations and is ideal for tourist and travelers visiting with the many top attractions and events taking place daily between Monterey Bay and Carmel by the Sea. There's never a lack of trying to find something to do in the Beautiful Monterey Bay Community.
There are many places to visit and sights to see in Monterey County, from Monterey city to Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, Seaside, Carmel and Carmel Valley to Marina and Marina State Beaches with hang gliding and surfing or visit Pacific Groves Lovers Point, Moss Landing,Sand City or the grand sites of Big Sur.You can also travel inland to Salinas California.
Anywhere in these Cities you'll find many great places to dine and seaside restaurants, luxury hotels, motels and places for tourist to stay.

.... Monterey's Fisherman's Wharf and Cannery Row made famous by compelling author and writer John a must see for all tourist and in Carrery Row is the world class Monterey Aquaruim built from an old converted sardine canning business.
Tourist may also find wine tasting in the lovely hillside vineyards of Monterey County.
And if site seeing is you thing try visiting the famous city of Carmel by The Sea or journey down Pebble Beaches 17 Mile Drive.

....Monterey Bay area and Monterey County and Carmel Valley all offer so much to do, that not even the most out going local social people living in Monterey can even see it all in the many years they live here !!

....Each weekend there are many top events and main attractions, like Monterey Bay Restaurant Week, or The Monterey Jazz Festival, or how about the 2010 US Open Golf Championships or The Pebble Beach Concord D'Elagance Car Classic.

....The Monterey Bay Peninsula has a rich history and offers a variety of world class vacation spots to visit with unique shops and galleries, parks, beaches and beautiful sea shores.
You'll also find lovely Carmel Valley and the magnificent beauty of Big Sur!!

....With Carmel By The Sea and Monterey's great accommodations , you can even find many great bed and breakfast places that serve great food & wine and located by nearby top attractions and Coastal activities with great places for site seeing, shopping for the women, golf for the men, fun for the whole family pulse whale watching in the bay and fine dining and music in romantic sea side restaurants for travelers looking for something to do with Monterey's night life.
Monterey is also hosts conventions, meetings and is a great place for business men and women to work and relax afterwards.

Monterey Bay Pacific Coast Lifestyles Network - is created and written by, LaVern Williams, pictures taken by LaVern Williams. Copyrights 2009 by Williams Publishing.
If you wish to contact me about advertising please email LaVern Williams at - Williams Publishing at

If you wish to use my Monterey Pictures, please contact me first for permission...thanks


Monterey County Hotels & Motels

...Are you planning a vacation to the Monterey Bay, Pacific Grove, Sea Side,Pebble Beach or Carmel by the Sea ? Are you looking to find the best lodging accommodations during your stay here? Monterey County has many great Hotels and Motels, and it's best to plan ahead and reserve your rooms now. Always plan your trip ahead of time. Below is a list of the best hotels and Motels I have seen. Also I am in no way affiliates with these Monterey Hotel and Motel Businesses, but I know Monterey,Carmel,Pebble Beach and 17 Mile Drive very well. And these are the places I recommend for your best trip to the California Central Pacific Coast in the Monterey Bay Area !!

Candle Bay Inn - 2118 N Fremont Monterey,CA 03940 - 831 649-4740

Clarion Hotel Monterey - 1046 Munras Avenue Monterey, CA 93940 (831) 373-1337

Comfort Inn Marina - 140 Reservation Rd Marina, CA, 93933 (831) 883-4000

Discovery Inn - 1106 Fremont Blvd. Seaside, CA 93955 (831)394-3113

Hilton Garden Inn - 1000 Aguajito Road Monterey, Ca 93940 (831) 373-6141

Monterey Bay Inn - 242 Cannery Row Monterey, CA 93940 (831) 373-6242

Monterey Hotel - 406 Alvarado Street Monterey, CA 93940 (800) 966-6490

Monterey Oceanside Inn - 2030 Del Monte Avenue Monterey, Ca 93940 (831) 375-4451

Monterey Peninsula Inns - 1100 Lighthouse Ave. Pacific Grove, CA 93950 (800) 525-3373

Monterey Surf Inn - 1200 Munras Avenue Monterey, CA 93940 (831) 372-5821

Carmel By The Sea Hotels & Motels

Adobe Inn - Dolores and 8th , Carmel CA 93933 1-800-388-3933

Carmel's - Best Western Townhouse Lodge - San Carlos St & 5th Ave, Carmel ,CA 93921 - 831-624-1261

Carmel Mission Inn - 3665 Rio Rd Carmel,CA 93923 - 1-800-348-9090

Pine Inn - located on Ocean Avenue in Carmel CA 93921 - 1-800-228-3851

Wayside Inn - 7th & Mission St - in Carmel 93921 - 1-800-433-4732

Seaside Hotels

Discovery Inn - 1106 Fremont Blvd. Seaside, CA 93955 (831)394-3113

Pacific Grove Hotels

Lighthouse Lodge - 1150 & 1249 Lighthouse Ave. Pacific Grove, CA 939450 1-800-858-1249

Sea Breeze Inn & Cottages -1100 Lighthouse Ave. Pacific Grove, CA 93950 (800) 525-3373


Monterey Best Business Guide


...For More Info On Monterey's Best Business Shops, Restaurants, Monterey Hotels, Stores,Monterey Tours, Monterey Boating, Monterey Gas Stations, Montereys Best Vacation Spots..... For More Monterey Business info Please use our ---> Monterey Best Business Guide

Also in this Monterey Business Directory will be listings for Carmel, Pacific Grove,Marina, Pebble Beach, and Seaside.

On This Site: - Lots More Great Monterey Tourist Info !!

....Monterey offers visiting tourist a great a place to vacation with year around fun in the sun, sandy beaches and the beautiful waves of the coastal surf. Come visit the maginifcent scenic beauty of Monterey and Monterey's Peninsula, with it's 17 mile drive or stop by Cannery Row and see the world famous tourist shops and The Monterey Aquaruim, Fisherman's Wharf, Take a Whale Tour or see The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Follow Our - Monterey Online Weekly and...Learn Fun facts About Monterey Like - Spanish Explorers first found Monterey California in the early 1540's. And did you know Monterey was California's first Capital City ? Today Monterey is a Central California coastal community, located 110 miles south of San Francisco. Monterey City and Monterey Bay offers a rich historic past to visiting tourist and Travelers from around the world . Visiting tourist experience the magnificent scenic beauty of Monterey's Ocean resources and Monterey's resources for events,parks,historic parks,shops,tours,businesses,restaurants,hotels,Marine life and much more.
....The City of Monterey California is home to Fisherman's Wharf, The Monterey Aquarium, The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary,Monterey Art Galleries,Monterey tourist shops and Monterey's Cannery Row made famous by the John Steinbeck's novel Cannery Row. Monterey offers many cultural resources for visitors to enjoy and museums, parks,recreational places to visit such as the Monterey Peninsula's beautiful and magnificent 17 mile drive and near by Carmel's famous Mission and shops.... Every Tuesday on Monterey's Alvarado Street is The Monterey Farmer's Market, where you can find, fresh fruit,vegetables,homemade handcrafts,pre cooked meals,music performers and it's not to be missed.
Tourist from around the world join in with the fun at the downtown Farmers Market.
Year around Monterey is known for many great events, such as the Monterey Jazz Festival, the Monterey Blues Festival also
Tourist and locals always find something to do in Monterey with it's many scheduled events through out the year.
And just a few miles south of Monterey is Big Sur and the site of the Big Sur Marathon each year for those of you runners out there !!

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