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Monterey Tourism

Monterey Tourism

... The City of Monterey has an estimated 4 million visitors each year, and is one of the nations top places top places to visit on vacation. There are many businesses in Monterey because of Monterey's many resources from the ocean and farming communities and near by Vineyards.
And Monterey's Tourist Industry is a constant huge economic boom to Monterey Bays Income, with Luxury Hotels,Restaurants,Shopping and Places to Visit for sightseer's.

...There's so much to see and do in Monterey and a vacation here can also be combined with fun and education,learning new ways to protect marine life and the marine ecosystem and to see an learn about all the Marine Life that exist in the Monterey Bay Area.
The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary is a blessing to the Marine wildlife and protects sea mammals,like Whales,Dolphins,sea otters,sea lions,seabirds and fish and protecting the Kelp Forest and even protecting rocks and the sea floor....For More Info Here's Link to the Marine Sanctuary home page -

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary Home Page

... The Monterey Aquarium expanded an additional in 1996 and is one of the world greatest Aquariums.
There's something to do for everyone of any age at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.
For More Info here's the Monterey Aquarium link -
Monterey Bay Aquarium, California

....The Monterey Aquarium is in Cannery Row, along with Steinbeck Plaza.
Cannery Row and Steinbeck Plaza is a great place for visitors to come and is one of Montereys main attractions with the many great shops,gift shops,restaurants and places like Ghiradelli Chocolates,and the
wax museum.

....My favorite place in Monterey to visit is , Monterey's Fisherman's Wharf.
Fisherman's Wharf is loaded with great shops,fine dinning and whale tours that all can be found on the pier.
One point I'd like to say to people planning a vacation here in Monterey is that there's 2 piers almost side by side.
One pier is for businesses and boating and the other is - The Old Fisherman's Wharf with the shops and places to visit !!
Any ways....If you find yourself on the wrong pier with no gift shops or fine dinning restaurants and no Whale tour office...Then you are on the wrong pier !!..But don;t worry about this, this has happened to people before...simply look to the west a few hundred yards and you spot - Fisherman's Wharf where the tourist and locals hang out.
There's lots of room there for parking and it doesn't cost much to park for the whole day.

If you want more info on Whale Watching -
American Cetacean Society Monterey Bay Chapter

Monterey also is known for it many Events and has a near 20,000 foot convention center a theater and fair grounds area.
The fair ground is also host to the World Famous Monterey Jazz Festival - For more info on the Monterey Bay Jazz Festival here's that link -
53rd Annual Monterey Jazz Festival presented by Verizon - September 17 - 19, 2010

Monterey Art Galleries & Other Galleries

Monterey has many different art galleries to visit -

The Monterey Peninsula Art Foundation - If you're looking to see art,photo's,creamics,jewelry and mixed media arts you find - The Monterey Peninsula Art Foundation - located at - 425 Cannery Row
phone - 1-831-655-1267

The Crystal Fox Gallery - located on historic Cannery Row at 381 Cannery Row, Monterey CA

Levin Gallerey - Russel Levin has taken thousand of photo's that have been published

17 Mile Drive

... My next favorite place is 17 Mile Drive just a few miles from Monterey and a 500 seat theater that host many events year around.
I consider myself lucky 17 Mile Drive area is were my family owns a house. So taking pictures is easy.
Maybe you'd like to visit places on the famous 17 mile drive.
First I must tell you it does cost and there's toll booths entering into this area. But it's well worth it.
here's a list below of places to see and things to do !!

1.)The Lodge - at Pebble Beach is great for dinning, with it's breathtaking views

2.)Spanish Bay - a great place for a picnic and the whole family to enjoy

3.)Cypress Point - It's lockout area with Telescopes that cost .50 and a great veiw of sea otters playing in the water and the rocks and seashore of the area

4.)The Ghost Tree -

5.)Bird Rock - a place where birds, sea otters,sea lions can be viewed daily

6.) Pescadero Point

7.)The Lone Cypress - Is One of the most famous trees in the world

8.)Pebble Beach Equestrian Center

9.)Seal Rock Picnic Park

10.) Fanshell Overlook - Where you can see seal pups, but it's closed April,May and June while the young pups are born and nursing.

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