Monday, October 26, 2009

Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Monterey Bay Aquarium

.....The Monterey Bay Aquarium offers over 200 of the worlds best exhibits and underwater galleries, with tons of great fun for the whole family. Year round school children take field trips to this great aquaruim it's both a place of learning and fun. Originally designed in 1977 and finished being built 10 years later, the Monterey Aquarium is without doubt one of the biggest tourist attractions in California and maybe the whole USA.

....Here's the Link to the Monterey Aquarium in Monterey California located at 886 Cannery Row,Monterey ,CA 93940....the phone numbers is 1'(831)-648-4800.

....The Monterey Aquaruim offers many great programs, such as the - Behind the Scenes Tour, which last 50 minutes and allows tourist to interact with the Monterey staff. Anyone from ages 6 to Adult can experience and discover about the secrets of marine sea life.

...AThe Monterey Aquarium has many unique youth programs, such as sleep overs, where students 6 to 14 can sleep overnight and veiw the aquaruim exhibits after hours.

The Aquaruim also has family sleep overs where anyone 6 to Adult can sleep over night and explore the aquarium late at night and wake up to breakfast in the morning restaurant at the aquarium.

.....The Monterey Aquarium also offers, fun games and activities and information about scuba diving and diving gear. There are also teenager programs, web sams and videos, Science and Career information on how to become a marine biologist and much more !!
So call the Monterey Aquarium, get tickets now and experience the best of the marine life programs offered in California for tourist of all ages !!

More Monterey Bay Aquarium Info

....The Monterey Bay Aquariums Kelp Forest feed program is awesome. You can watch divers hand feed sharks and many different varieties of fish,eels and animals.

....Also if you head over to Monterey Bays Fishermans Wharf you take one of the Monterey Bay tours in a Glass Bottom Boat and view the Kelp Forest in the bay area, many times I have seen the orange colored jellyfish and dolphins in the bay area from one of these boats which for only $10.00 a person you can go out on the Monterey Bay for a Great little 25 Minutes tour. The Flat Bottom Boat I took was called ,"The Little Mermaid" and holds about 20 people I think.....every time I go to Fisherman's Wharf ..which is about once a month I take the Tour on the Glass Bottom boat and relax, I think anyone would love this !!
Also you can view thousands Sea-lions and Sea Otters and sometimes whales, and some very large Pelicans.

....Any ways getting back to our main subject at the Monterey Aquarium, I found that there so much to do and learn there that it's wise to plan on visiting the aquarium for at least 3 or 4 hours. They also have a nice lunch room, where I had a sandwich,a soda and some pudding.

....If you're planning to visit us here in Monterey then you must see this world famous aquarium, and you can also view and listen to live video and audio of the divers feeding the fish,sharks and ect at this link....

Kelp Forest Web Cam Monterey Bay Aquarium

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