Monday, October 26, 2009

Monterey Pictures

Monterey Pictures Gallery

...I took these pictures with my Sony digital camera enjoy !!

By LaVern Williams

....Welcome to my Monterey Picture Gallery Online !!

I have tons of photo's for you to look at !! So so grab a seat, and use your computer as a view finder to my special world of the magnificcent Monterey Bay area and the beautiful scenic veiws of the Sea and Landscape of the world famous 17 Mile Drive. Plus I'll be posting pictures of Carmel by the Sea and photos of Monterey Fisherman's Wharf, At Sea Pictures from a Monterey Boating Tour, Plus Monterey's Aquarium Pics and anything that looks good on Camera !!

Below the Monterey Express was really moving fast but I still manage getting the picture...this shot was taken by me at Sea just outside Montereys Fishermans Wraf area about 1 mile.

I got a great shot of these sealions - from our boat !!

Monterey's Princes - The Whale Boast Cruise !! Here's Waves Crashing at Pebble Beach

Below Are Sealions on Monterey's Boat Ramp Monterey Bay has many Kayakers

Above - Montereys Fishersmans Warf !! Above - A sail boat a mile out at sea !!

Many of my Monterey Pictures were taken by me out in Monterey Bay from a boat.

When I get time I'll take a few more pictures......

All pictures (C) 2010 - Copyrighted by GW Williams and Williams Publishing 2010

If anyone wishes to use my pictures on your personal website, it's ok with me as long as you place a link on your site to my main front home page and credit me as the photographer...thanks...GW Williams


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