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Monterey History,Monterey Info,Monterey Bay Climate

Note: I walked out on some rocks taking pictures of a calm sea , Then SUDDENLY !! my shocking surprise 3 huge Monster Waves came towering over at me...each wave bigger than the next....I knew this would make for a great shot....but would I live If held my ground and took the shot ?.... Well I did, and seconds later a Tremendous SWOOOOOOSH..... what power of the mighty sea. I took this on the famous 17 Mile Drive !!

Monterey Bay History and Info

The city of Monterey is at an elevation of only 25 feet above Sea Level, in fact much of Monterey is right at Sea Level ,like at Fisherman's Wharf .the Aquarium and parts of Cannery Row and the coastal marine parks.

Monterey Climate

The City of Monterey's climate is regulated by it's location to the Pacific Ocean.
The high temperature average year round between a high of 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and with lows year round between 42 and 53 degrees Fahrenheit at night.
Average rainfall each year in Monterey is 19.80 inches a year.
Most of Monterey's rainfall comes in the months of November - December, January and February.
Yet even in the winter time Monterey's average temperature stays within 10 degrees of it's summer averages,this making Monterey a great place to visit and vacation year around.

Monterey And The San Andreas Fault

Monterey's local soil is Quaternary Alluvuim and the city can be effected by earth quakes and the San Andreas Fault which lies 26 miles to the east of Monterey.
Monterey's earth quake seismic risk zone on the Central California Coast is moderate to moderate high.
Monterey Bay has also been measured for tsumami's which can hit at 100 year Intervals, but the largest predicted wave would only be 9 to 10 feet high.

Monterey City is also located right on the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary, whish is a Federally protected ocean area of 6100 square miles and covers 275 miles of coastal shoreline and off shore waters.
The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary protects endangered sea life such as,California's sea otter,birds and seabirds,whales, sealions, and mammals, the brown pelican.

Monterey History

Monterey has a rich history, first established in 1770 by Father Junipero Serra.
Monterey was once the capital of California from 1777 to 1849.
The original church in or mission named the, Royal Presidio Chapel, ....was built in Carmel in 1771 but was destroyed by fire in 1789.
It was rebuilt by the sandstone building still present today in Carmel.
In 1840 the chapel was rededicated in the name of Saint Charles Borromeo, this church building is currentlt the oldest stone building in California and the oldest parish. It is also the smallest cathedral in the USA.

On July 1846 during the American-Mexican War, and during the Battle of Monterey Commodore John D Sloat of the United States Navy,raised the US flag and claimed Monterey and California for the United States.

Monterey Bays National Trust Historic Site built by Walter Colton in 1849 was a once an original US public school house and meeting place for local government. Today it's a Monterey Museum, while building next to it serve as the seat local government.

For many years Monterey was known for it's huge fishing industry, then in the 1950's the Monterey fishing industry and local fishermen's business collapsed because of lack of fish caused by over fishing the California Central Coast and Monterey Bay area.
Since then Monterey has established itself as one of the leading tourist attractions in the world along with Carmel By The Sea, The Famous Pebble Beach and 17 mile drive and Marina Beach,Pacific Grove ,Seaside and ect.
Much of old Monterey Bay area of Fisherman's Wharf and Cannery Row was turned into the hottest tourist attractions,gift shops, whale watching,boating,top restaurants and many great hotels and motels for visitor lodging with top accommodations.
Monterey also has a rich history of great painter's, photographers ,writere like John Steinbeck.
Steinbeck who grew up in Salinas also lived in near by Pacific Grove and Monterey both.
His novels he wrote such as - Cannery Row, East Of Eden , Tortilla Flat help make Monterey Famous world Wide.
Also in 1879 the famous Robert Lewis Stevenson spent time writing the - Old Pacific and Vendetta Of The West while he stayed at a French Styled Hotel in Monterey.That famous hotel is known today as the Stevenson House at 530 Houston Street.And showcases items that once were owned by Robert Lewis Stevenson himself.

Monterey Jazz Festival

The Monterey Jazz Festival first began in 1958,at the Monterey fairgrounds and is the longest running Jazz Festival in the world.
Over the years great artist have performed such as Billie Holiday,Louie Armstrong, Dave Brubeck,Herbie Handcock, Grover Washington Jr., Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis and many more great Jazz artist over the 52 years.

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