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Monterey City - Monterey California - Monterey Visiitors Info -Monterey Hotels - Monterey Restaurants - Monterey Aquarium - Monterey Web Site Info !!

Monterey Information Resources for - Monterey Bay - Monterey City - Monterey California - Monterey County - Monterey Peninsula - Monterey Hotels - Monterey Restaurants - Monterey Historical Places - Monterey Pictures - Monterey Vacations - Monterey Events - Monterey Jazz - Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary - Monterey Shops - Monterey's Fisherman's Wharf - Monterey's Cannery Row - Monterey Tourist Info - and Carmel by The Sea, Pacific Grove, Seaside, and Monterey Fun, Surf and Sailing !!.....

Welcome everyone...If you're planning a trip to visit the City of Monterey California - Then as a tourist it's important to plan and map out your Monterey vacation using online Monterey resources found here on the many pages of My Monterey Blog or Monterey web site.

....First lets create a list of Monterey vacation idea's to plan before you take your vacation. Doing this will help save you money and work within your vacation planning budget !!

Below is a huge list of Idea's for your Monterey Vacation Planning

....The City of Monterey Hotels & Motels - Before your vacation to Monterey why not Search Online for the City of Monterey's Best Accommodations- and Lodging.

......Try and plan your stay in Monterey with good vacation budget planning !!
Try searching Online for Top MontereyInterent resources and find the best Monterey Hotels for your vacation budget plans - and make reservations before leaving home. Monterey can become very crowded in peak summer months and even in the spring and fall months. Be sure you have some place to stay and plan accordingly !!

.....So what is in your Vacation Buget to Monterey ?..Are you looking to stay in one of Monterey's Luxury Hotels ? Or maybe your looking for the Best Monterey Hotel Deals !! Other Monterey Hotel Idea's to consider are - Monterey Family Vacation Hotels - Monterey Hotel Vacation Packages - Monterey Bed and Breakfast Locations - Monterey Motels - Best Monterey Motel Deals - Monterey Peninsula Lodging locations - Carmel Ca Hotels- Carmel Hotel Deals - Carmel Vacation Packages - - Big Sur Hotels, Big Sur Hotel Vacation Packages - Pacific Grove Hotels - Pebble Lodging - Or maybe you plan on camping in one of our parks which some visitors do in tents, trailers and RV's!!

....AnAny ways....Some Monterey Hotels have hot deals and I have even seen coupons online offering 25% off hotel rooms which you can print off on your printer, but most of these deals come not during the peak summer months !! So Check your online Monterey Hotel resources on the web before you make your reservations !!
For Much more information on Monterey City and Monterey County Hotels please check here on my - Monterey Bay Pacific Coast Network archive's for Monterey Hotels and Motels....we have them listed !!

.....Monterey County Restaurant Idea's - When visiting restaurants you need to decide where to eat when visiting places in many different Monterey Bay tourist area's, the best way to eat at all the best places is to go site seeing and visit near by Monterey restaurants and ect.....Here's a few idea's - Monterey city restaurants downtown - Monterey Bay restaurants - Fisherman's Wharf restaurants - Monterey Bay Aquarium restaurant - Monterey's Cannery Row restaurants - Monterey's down town district restaurants - Monterey Bay Urban restaurants - Pacific Grove restaurants - Lovers Point restaurants - City of Carmel restaurants - Pebble Beach restaurants - Monterey Seafood and Jazz Music restaurants, City of Seaside restaurants - Monterey cultural restaurants - Monterey Bay Sea Food restaurants - Pebble Beach World Class Golf County Club restaurants such as the Lodge on 17 Mile Drive " - Top Monterey historical restaurants. If you still want my veiws on the best restaurants - here's a list on my Monterey-Carmel-Pacific Grove Best Restaurant the blue link -Monterey's Top LaVern Williams

Monterey Bay Locations For - Top Vacation Spots

I will list in order some of the most popular sites to see and places to visit

1.)Fisherman's Wharf - Fisherman's Wharf Offers tourist many great Monterey Seafood restaurants, Tons of great Monterey tourist shops, candy shops,gift stores, 3 hour whale boat tours, boating, deep sea fishing,and view the sea lions, sea otters,pelicans, jellyfish from Fisherman's Wharf world famous pier !!

2.)The Monterey Bay Aquarium - The City of Monterey is proud to have one of the world largest aquariums, tourist and visitors can spend hours in the aquarium, it's great for the whole vacationing family,full of fun,educational learning for the young and old a like !!

3.) Cannery Row - Made famous by John Steinbeck's novel titled ...Cannery Row.
Monterey City is famous for it's historic Cannery Row offers tourist many great restaurants here in the city of Monterey. There's almost and endless amount of Monterey tourist shops,gift shops,places to snack and get drinks. Also the Monterey Aquarium is located in Cannery Row making Cannery Row a great place to visit. Also Cannery Row comes alive at night, with live jazz or music to dine by at a romantic candle light dinner !!

4.) The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary - Is close to a 6000 square mile protected area for marine life and to protect the ocean floor and the Monterey Bay Kelp Forest which protects, mammals,sea lions,sea otters,dolphins,whales,fish,sea birds,pelicans and much more. Check to get tours in the area ahead of time.Only with permits can you take a boat or scuba dive in this area.....otherwise there is huge fine !! So find out this info ahead of time !!

5.)Monterey Peninsula's 17 Mile Drive - International fame of Monterey Peninsula's magnificent scenic beauty and of the worlds most perfect coastline on 17 Mile Drive located in Pebble Beach near Carmel CA can't not be missed by anyone on vacation here. It does cost $10 at the gate to 17 mile drive, yet this is the place you'll find the world's most beautiful scenic views of the pacific ocean and Monterey County's Coastline.No where in the world does the Sea meet with the Sky with such spectacular beauty combined with the trees,the wildlife and the forest. For decades many of the world's greatest photographers have taken pictures of the Monterey Peninsula's because of it's stunning world class beauty. When driving along 17 mile drive you may get a chance to see wildlife , such as deer that even roam on the Pebble Beach Golf courses.Or the sealions and sea otters from Cypress Point !!
And if you get time stop by the Pebble Beach Lodge for a bit to's the most beautiful setting to dine over looking the world class pebble beach golf course and the breathtaking beauty of the sea !! You don't have to be a member to eat at the Lodge, but check the prices before you go if your on a budget. All I can say is I love the food and everything the Lodge offers.

6.) Monterey Art Galleries and Museums - Check online for address before you go, you'll find many art galleries in old historic Monterey,next to Old Fisherman's Wharf and Cannery Row. There's also great museums with tons of Monterey historical information.

7.)Monterey Offers Tourist A Rich History - Monterey first was discovered by Spanish Explorers who came here in 1542. Monterey was officially a city in the 1770's and Monterey was the first Site of California's Capital ran by Spain and Mexico until The Mexican-American war.when the war ended , The United States claimed Monterey,In the battle of Monterey and Monterey became California's first Capital in 1849.

As you can see Monterey has a rich cultural history and much Monterey historical resources offer tourist visiting Monterey to find many points of Interest the come from all directions in Monterey City and Monterey County in California. Monterey was also the site of the first mission, founded by Father Junipero Serra in the 1770's.

8.)Visitors coming to Monterey - as Tourist need to get a Map of Monterey, a Map of The Monterey Peninsula, a Map of Carmel By The Sea and of 17 Mile Drive.
I find the large state maps just will not show you all the roads and places to go.Go online and order a map for Monterey City and Monterey County maps and be sure you have maps of Carmel and Monterey peninsula's 17 mile drive. Also if you're coming to visit Monterey , it's only a few miles south the Big Sur, so get your Big Sur Maps also.

9.) The Monterey Climate - is about the same all year round. The weather is awesome,please note: it does rain more in the winter months but it's amazing that the temperature remains between 55 degress and 65 degrees most of the time during the day.

10.) What More Does Monterey Bay Offer Tourist?...well a Lot More !!'s a list sperated by commas only of more great idea's to do in Monterey - kayaking ,boating,surfing,scuba diving,sea otters,sea lions,pelicans,kayaking,art galleries,yachts,wineries, historical sites,parks,waterfront trails,historic Monterey gardens, seaside bike paths,jogging trails,sailing,hang gliding,para sailing,visit the military institute,jazz festival ,music,blues festival,entertainment,business conventions,events,sports,convention center events,movies,Monterey theater,Monterey Playhouse,Pacific Repertory Theatre.Or you can go to Pacific Grove and veiw the Monarch Butterflies and ect........ Any ways Monterey is a small town in America with about 35,000 people...yet we have over 4 Million Tourist each year.We love our tourist, plan your vacation today,our many businesses are here to serve you..Be our guest...welcome to Monterey and the community of Monterey and Monterey Bay California........surfs up....C ya There !!

Thanks LaVern Williams

................Copyright's 2009 Williams Publishing - Articles and Pictures by LaVern Williams

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